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Mentoring / Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a partnership designed to create long-lasting change in your life. You will develop the skills and confidence to take charge of your life.

Why ask for a Life Coach appointment?

Do you want help in any of the following areas of your life?

  1. Relationships in your Marriage or in Dating (what to look for in a partner)
  2. Relationships with Friends and Family (how to improve them)
  3. Saving Money
  4. Getting or keeping your job, finding a better job, or reaching for the job you’ve always wanted
  5. Better Health
  6. Do you like yourself?
  7. Do you want to work on things you like less in yourself?
  8. How you spend your free time
  9. Spirituality
  10. Education and Continued Learning
  11. Time Management

Coaching is a sort of an apprenticeship, where you learn to spot obstacles that are working against you, define your goals, and practice new skills. Coaching provides feedback to help you make corrections along the way and to support you when the going feels tough.

Many of us are never taught how to make the most of our lives—yet we all make decisions every day that directly affect our wellbeing and our future. Most of us have also experienced the painful consequences that can result from making some less healthy decisions.

Letting circumstances dictate the way you live your life leads to frustration and disappointment. It decreases your self-confidence and gives you more of what you don’t want. Or maybe you feel limited by the idea that you don’t deserve more or can’t possibly achieve it.

By participating in Life Coaching, and by taking action and committing to your growth and changes, you can:

  1. Gain clarity about what you want
    Becoming clear on who you want to become, what your passion and purpose is, and what is most important to you helps you reach those goals faster and with less stress. Most people go through life never taking the time to define themselves and their life, and so they never have a clear direction, they struggle with following through and often settle for mediocrity.
  2. Improve your self-confidence
    Gaining confidence and developing an empowering self-image are essential for success in the workplace, with your physical health, and in your relationships. Know what you are worth, raise your standards and see yourself as someone who deserves the best out of life. That will empower you and fuel you towards your greatest goals.
  3. Overcome obstacles, fear, and insecurities that will set you ahead.
    Most people run from their fears, but you can learn to recognize them and allow them to drive you toward achievement.
  4. Get it done - because you are actually committing to doing it
    Bridge the gap between theory and practice. Take education and motivation and turn them into your desired result!
  5. Recognize the possibilities for your life
    Most people see life as fixed, permanent, and as having no choices and no control. With a coach, you can receive an outside perspective and realize that you have many options, regardless of your circumstances.
  6. Create a plan to reach your goals faster
    Most people don’t have a life or goal plan; they approach life day-to-day with no clear intentions, vision or mission. All that changes with a coach.
  7. Stop believing the lies
    If you liberate yourself from false beliefs, you will be allowing new responses in all parts of their lives.
  8. Surprise yourself
    Achieve breakthroughs that you never thought possible, which will open up the path to empowerment and self-confidence.
  9. Transform your life
    By identifying and resolving underlying patterns of behavior, you will be amazed how much power you have to change your future.
  10. Have someone to hold you accountable
    Being able to check in with a life coach weekly is like having a best friend whose sole purpose is to help you succeed and hit whatever target you have set. Sometimes it is hard to find people in our lives who can call us out when we’re wrong or cheating or lying to ourselves, but at the same time they are cheering us on and motivating us throughout the whole process.

We would love to help you on this journey.

We know the world is a better place when people live lives that are passionate, compassionate, productive and meaningful.

Contact us for more information on how we can work together so you can show the world your greatness!

What about your life? Are you ready to improve it? Are you ready for change?

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